Polyurethane Foam Systems for LNG and Pipeline Applications

The Applied Polymers range of high performance APTANE® cryogenic polyurethane foams, adhesives and sealants are able to perform at ambient temperatures and at temperatures as low as -165°C, making these suitable for pipelines, valve boxes, flanges, joints and for the high density polyurethane pipe supports required in the processing plants and the distribution points in the LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) Industry. Cryogenic insulation foams are required to perform in harsh environments.

Prior to application these foams are subject to a strict range of testing procedures which are conducted in the laboratories at Applied Polymers.

Applied Polymers is also able to develop new products within the APTANE® product range to meet customers’ own specification requirements for any particular project.

The following summarises the current products within the APTANE® portfolio:

APTANE® – SFS Spray Foam Systems SLow Density spray foam systems for external insulation of pipelines and storage tanks particularly suitable for cryogenic applications.
APTANE® – PFS Pour / Injection Foam Systems – LD Low Density pour foam systems for external insulation of pipelines, valve boxes, joints and flanges particularly suitable for cryogenic applications.
Pour / Injection Foam Systems – HD High density pour foam systems with high mechanical and compressive strength particularly suitable for pipe support applications.
APTANE® – BFS Block Foam Sytems Low density foam systems used to produce both polyurethane and polyisocyanurate block foams. The block foams can be cut into required profi les for pipelines, elbows and pipe joints.
APTANE® – ANC Cyrogenic Adhesives and Moisture Barriers Adhesives to secure pre-cut foams to pipelines and joints. Moisture barrier will prevent ingress of moisture into pre-cut foams.

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