SFS – Spray Foam Systems

The Aptane® SFS portfolio includes a range of two component spray polyurethane foam systems with densities and mechanical properties designed to suit the requirements of any application. These spray foam products have been used on pre-insulated pipeline sections for LNG plants, and have also been applied in-situ for LNG storage tanks. All Aptane® SFS series products are HCFC free.

Aptane® SFS spray foams continue to meet the stringent specifi cation requirements expected by specifiers and engineers when designing chemical and gas processing plants.

Aptane® SFS spray foams can be designed to meet the individual requirements of each project.

Typical properties of the Aptane®SFSproduct range are detailed in the table below.

Density 45 kg/m³ ASTM D1622
Closed Cell Content >95% ASTM D6226
Compressive Strength @ 23°C >200 kPa ASTM D1621
Compressive Strength@ -165°C >280 kPa ASTM D1621
Tensile Strength @ 23°C >320 kPa ASTM D1623
Tensile Strength @ -165°C >265 kPa ASTM D1623
Tensile Modulus @ -165°C <16 Mpa ASTM D1623
Coefficient of Linear Thermal Expansion @ -165°C to 23°C <70 x 10⁻⁶ K⁻¹ ASTM D696
Thermal Conductivity @ 20°C <0.023 W/m.K ASTM C177
Thermal Conductivity @ -165°C <0.016 W/m.K ASTM C177
Burning Characteristics < 30mm/30s ISO 3582 (BS 4735)
Leachable Chlorides < 60 ppm ASTM C871
CTSR Cryogenic Thermal Stress Resistance > 1.5 CINI 2.7.01 and 2.7.02

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