Physical Testing

Listed below, are some of the physical property test methods conducted on LNG foams internally and/or externally by Applied Polymers:

Core Density ASTM D1622
Closed Cell Content ASTM D6226
Water Absorption ASTM D2842
Water Vapour Transmission ASTM E96
Horizontal Burn – Extent of Burn ISO 3582 (BS 4735)
Horizontal Burn – Extinguishing Time ISO 3582 (BS 4735)
Horizontal Burn – Burning Rate ISO 3582 (BS 4735)
Leachable Chloride ASTM C871
Compressive Strength @ 23°C ASTM D1621
Compressive Strength @ -165°C ASTM D1621
Shear Strength @ 23°C ASTM C273
Shear Strength @ -165°C ASTM C273
Tensile Strength @ 23°C ASTM D1623
Tensile Strength @ -165°C ASTM D1623
Tensile Modulus @ -165°C ASTM D1623
Thermal Conductivity @ 20°C ASTM C-177 / ASTM C-158
Thermal Conductivity @ -165°C ASTM C-177 / ASTM C-158
Coefficient of Linear Thermal Expansion ASTM D696
Cyrogenic Thermal Stress Resistance CINI 2.7.01 and 2.7.02


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